UNIKLUNI is a multidisciplinary project at the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt. Researchers from different disciplines work together (Engineering, Psychology, Journalism, and Economics). The launch of the project was Mai 2006. In the long run the plan is to establish a robotics laboratory which enables the simulation and testing of some traffic related scenarios and tasks on a small scale. For simulations in the area of pedestrians, humanoid robots are being used. Our car-like robot is an ideal platform to develop, design and implement smart and intelligent assistance systems for cars and trucks with a relatively small budget. Current research activities are focusing on computer vision (CV), especially on issues like stereo vision, optical flow, 3D-reconstruction, simultaneous localization and mapping, and related applications. CV is a passive sensing technology which does not require changes to the environment – ideal for the application in intelligent vehicles on-road. Besides, a fusion of inertial navigation and CV is being performed. This delivers more accurate and time efficient vision solutions. Another research’s pillar is the high-level vision which builds upon the research previously mentioned. Challenges in this area are object detection and classification, semantic interpretation of the surrounding, and traffic scene description.

Many of the founders of the project have already finished their studys and unfortuanly lots of documentation, information and data was lost over the years.

With this blog we hopefully will save information for future robotic projects.

We are still looking for Students intereseted in robotics. If you are, join us!

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